Sierra Infonet Litigation Support

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X-Ray Duplication

We Notify You First, for No Surprises
   - X-Ray Duplication can be very costly
   - We notify you how many X-Rays are available, and wait for your instructions.
   - Copy none, or a specific sample of X-Rays to control costs

   - X-Ray to X-Ray
   - CD to X-Ray
   - CD to CD

Other Images
   - MRI
   - CAT Scans

Top Quality Copies
   - Our X-Ray duplication is outstanding quality

Electronic File Cabinet
   - Available only if you choose CD copies
   - Reprint your own documents whenever you want!

Prompt Service
   - Our in-house staff process X-Rays quickly
   - Trust Sierra InfoNet's Service.

"You guys do a good job for us."
- Glen H, Culver City