Sierra Infonet Litigation Support

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Record Retrieval

Trust Sierra to Retrieve your Records (Medical, Employment, Scholastic, etc.)

Professional Staff
   - Licensed, Trained, and Professional Photocopiers
   - All carry company-issued cell phones for instant communication

Service Area
   - We service the entire state of California
   - Nationwide and out of country capabilities

Special Instructions
   - We read and honor your Special Instructions
   - Our Quality Control Department double-checks your instructions
   - We want to get your order right the first time.

Relentless Perseverance
   - We follow-up when Custodians report "Records are Not Ready"
   - We notify you when Custodians fail to comply
   - We challenge CNR's

Scanning Technology
   - We scan all records "on-site" directly to PDFs on laptops
   - High-speed scanners read 36 images per minute (18 pages per minute in duplex)
   - Duplex scanning: we automatically scan front and back of all documents
   - Color scanning available for photographs or on request
   - Blank back page detection and deletion
   - 114 images per minute is available for high-volume jobs

Planetary Technology
   - Top-quality digital cameras
   - We scan all records "on-site" to PDF on laptops
   - Post-processing software makes the final image crystal clear

   - Records are returned daily
   - Email with Download Link available that evening

"You guys do a good job for us."
- Glen H, Culver City