Sierra Infonet Litigation Support

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Record Duplication

Custom Records Duplication
   - We Honor Your Custom Instructions.
   - Custom Bates Stamping (numbering) your documents.  Example: UCLA0001.
   - 2-up printing for front & back of business checks on one page.
   - Duplex (front & back) printing is available to cut paper volume in half.
   - 2nd Set, 3rd Set of copies at reduced prices.

Guaranteed Turnaround on Large Orders
   - Timely, Accurate Large Volume Reproduction (Millions of Pages).
   - We can print over 100,000 pages per day

Top Quality Copies
   - You won't see copies that "run out of toner".
   - Our printers automatically stop when toner runs low
   - We inspect all copies for quality

What media can Sierra produce?
   - Paper copies
   - CD-Rom
   - Color Copies
   - X-Rays
   - MRI
   - Cat Scan
   - Audio/Video
   - Blueprints
   - Oversize documents

Electronic File Cabinet
   - Download your files at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   - Reprint your own documents whenever you want!
   - We keep all your documents online in our Electronic File Cabinet.
   - 3 year retention is standard for current customers.

Fast Service
   - We can read your documents and answer your questions the first time you call.
   - We can reprint and ship your documents the same day.
   - We ship your records the day after they are copied.

Try our "Three in One" Value Package
   - Download Records from the your Electronic File Cabinet over the Internet.
   - CD-Rom copy of records.
   - Paper Copies.

Document Delivery Options
   -  U.S. Mail
   -  Hand Delivery
   -  U.P.S.
   -  FedEx


"You guys do a good job for us."
- Glen H, Culver City